Install SFTP Extension for visual studio code

Being a developer, you often need to be work on a project placed on a remote server. To overcome these needs VS Code has lots of extensions. Commonly we are using SFTP to connect and access remote directories and files. In this tutorial, we are going to install SFTP Extension for visual studio code to edit the remote application.

I think SFTP is one of the best ways to communicate your remote directory and files in a Linux system securely. You know that SFTP Stands for Secure file transfer protocol, or it may SSH file transfer protocol. As the name suggests that it’s a secure way to communicate your confidential files over the untrusted network.

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Let’s go and see how to install and config SFTP Extension on visual studio code,

Step 1: Open up visual studio code And look at the activity bar.


Step 2: So, before installing the SFTP extension first we need to set a local working directory. and create a folder for your workspace.


Go and hit ok.

Step 3: Now it’s time to install Extension, go ahead and click on extension icon here.


Step 4: And search for SFTP from market place. And here is the search result.


And probably I looking for the first one. SFTP from Liximomo. Here you can see its feature. It has remote file browser; it makes a local duplicate file while editing. Sync your folder between local and remote etc.

Go ahead and hit install button.

After complete installation press ctrl+shift+p on Linux or windows and Cmd+Shift+P on Mac. And search for sftp config. And Click on it.


Step 5: It will open a confi file, basically you need to provide your remote server information here. and this is my remote server information.


  • First is server name I’m gonna let it be as it is,
  • Second is host name provide your host name or IP address. And I’m going to set  remote host ip which is
  • After that put your server user name, I’m using root here.
  • Finally, set remote path, you need to set exact directory location which you want to, or let it be root.

Step 6: Save the file and jump over on activity bar you should find a SFTP icon. And then click on my server here. It will ask for your remote server password.


Put your password and hit enter key, and here are your remote files.


Step 7: Go and click to open any of your file. But your file will open as read only mode. If you want to edit then right click on your file and then edit in local. Now you could edit your file.


And look at your local explorer one duplicate file is created in your local workspace.

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