C / C++ Language

Getting started C or C++

Hello, friend’s C or C++ programming become a compulsory subject of every engineering sector and general education also. If you’re ...

Setup Turbo C++ / C Compiler for windows

Well ! Very worm welcome friends. Today we know how to setup Turbo C++ Compiler for windows. This tutorial gives you easy-to-follow ...

Sample C Hello World Program

Sample C hello world program: A program that displays "Hello World" String on screen.This program I used, printf library function ...
/ C / C++

C – Variable Data Types

Data types in c give you abilities to choose exact data type of variable for your operation. The type of ...

C program print integer

Let's talk about integers. Whole numbers less than zero are called negative integers. The integer zero is neither positive nor negative and ...
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I like Programming and New Technologies. And work with Linux.