Install and Use Multiple Node.JS on Linux using NVM

So the question is how to install and use multiple Node.js versions on a Linux machine. Here, we use the Node Version Manager (NVM) tool for the installation of Node.js.

What is nvm?

nvm stands for Node Version Manager. As the name suggests, it helps you manage and switch between different Node versions. It provides a command-line interface where you can install different versions with a single command, set a default, switch between them. Continue reading

Setting up an Nginx Reverse Proxy

Setting up an Nginx Reverse Proxy

What Is a Reverse Proxy?

A reverse proxy is an intermediary proxy service which takes a client request, passes it on to one or more servers, and subsequently delivers the server’s response to the client. A common reverse proxy configuring is to put Nginx in front of an Apache webserver. Using this method will allow both web servers to work together enabling each to do what they do best Continue reading

Solution for Sublime text Remote Editing

The solution for Sublime text Remote Editing: Sublime text is a powerful and most popular text editor for the Linux, Mac and Windows. But most often especially in windows, the issue is remote editing. Combining Sublime Text and ExpanDrive is a powerful solution for that. You can edit and manipulate files on SFTP/FTP or S3 in real-time from directly within the Sublime Text. Continue reading