C program print integer

Let’s talk about integers. Whole numbers less than zero are called negative integers. The integer zero is neither positive nor negative and has no sign. Two integers are opposites if they are each the same distance away from zero but on opposite sides of the number line. Positive integers can be written with or without a sign. Besides that, an integer without any sign is called Unsigned integer.

The int data type is signed and has a minimum range of at least -32767 through 32767 inclusive. The actual values are given in limits.h as INT_MIN and INT_MAX respectively.

An unsigned int has a minimal range of 0 through 65535 inclusive with the actual maximum value being UINT_MAX from that same header file.

C program print integer

This is a simple c program that takes value from the user and then prints it. Here input is done using scanf() function and print using stranded printf() function. <stdio.h> header file has the definition of scanf and printf function.

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Sample C Hello World Program

Sample C hello world program: A program that displays “Hello World” String on screen.This program I used, printf library function is used to display text on the screen, ‘\n’ places the cursor at the beginning of next line, stdio.h header file contains a declaration of printf function. The code will work on all operating systems may be its Linux, Mac or any other and compilers. Continue reading